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6 Church Street, Maroochydore QLD 4558

The firm started on the Sunshine Coast in November of 1998 when Greg Kamp, the Principal of Kamp Business Accountants had a vision to start a boutique firm that was different to the big firms that simply treated their clients as numbers and who created production lines to move work in and out with as little client contact as possible.

So just prior to his 30th birthday in November 1998, Greg purchased Coleman & Associates from Kenneth Coleman and set out to create his dream. The firm has grown from just being Greg, an Undergraduate and a part time Receptionist to a team of 8 very committed and focused professionals who strive to go that little bit further for their clients.

The firm specialises in small to medium sized businesses and investors, whether they be retirees or people looking to grow their wealth inside or outside of superannuation. Please see our services page to learn more about the specific services we use to assist our clients.

We are a CPA firm and are proud to be a Certified Practicing Accountant firm which is the largest accounting group in the WORLD! We use the benefits of being a member of our group to the benefit of our clients.

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