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BAS Agent 25288808 | ICB Certified Bookkeeper 405336 Xero Certified Advisor | MYOB Professional Partner Intuit ProAdvisor If you are struggling to keep up with your bookkeeping and compliance requirements then I can take the stress away by expertly managing your bookkeeping, BAS and payroll compliance, in as little as only a couple of hours per week. 25+ years of proactive bookkeeping experience across a broad range of industries, I am a professional, certified bookkeeper who can add value to your business through accurate and timely processing, reporting and analysis that helps improve your cash flow, profitability, and business efficiency. Hands-on personal experience in business startup and fast-paced growth for small to medium business, means that I understand your challenges and can help you to navigate the pitfalls encountered by small businesses with real-life experience. "Nicki worked with us at Assert Services, during 2014, reconciling our payroll, restructuring and reconciling our ledger accounts, in preparation for audit. She worked in well with our team and auditor, and is a proactive, knowledgeable, and resourceful bookkeeper. It was a pleasure to work with her." ~ Darce Foley - General Manager, Housing ~ SERVICES offered include: BAS preparation & lodgement | General Bookkeeping & Cash Flow Management | Invoicing and Debtor Management Supplier purchases and Payments | Payroll setup & processing | End of Financial Year | ATO Compliances Inventory and WIP | Financial & Ad-hoc Reporting | Budgeting & Cash Flow Management | Onsite or Remote Ledger review & reconstruction | Software setup & conversions | liaise with your accountant or auditor Don't get caught up in administration and bookkeeping tasks that take you away from growing your business... Spread your wings - get to the business of doing business!
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